It all starts with YOUR idea

Total Crowd Solutions helps you convert your idea into a viable project that is resourced and ready to go by guiding you through crucial planning steps and simultaneously linking you to the vast power of on-line crowdsourcing. Whether you own a business, do community improvement work or are part of a mission driven organization, Total Crowd Solutions can work for you. Let’s plan and resource your project idea together.

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Everyone has projects

Big or small, personal or professional, on our own or with a team, we all have projects . While these projects can differ greatly in size and scope, they all share some core traits. Our experienced coaches help you better understand the issues, plan the methods, and secure the resources you need to successfully complete your project. We're here to help make sure your project avoids the resourcing delays that can cause projects to flounder, stall, and ultimately fail.

Total Crowd Solutions bridges the gap between the project plan and its implementation by providing pathways to secure needed resources while the project is planned, saving you valuable time and money, and making it easier to successfully carry out your project.

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Get Started Today with the Project Fast Check

The Total Crowd Solutions Project Fast Check is the starting point for projects. It is a quick assessment of your project's strengths and weaknesses, and provides our coaches with an overview of your project essentials. You'll get an instant customized report with recommendations.

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The Next Steps

After completing your Project Fast Check, with assistance from our expert Coaches, you will have a better understanding of what you can do to make your project a success. Total Crowd Solutions offers you a suite of services that will address the unique needs of your project as your next step. Whether you are in the planning stage, working to secure the necessary resources, or executing your project plan, our solutions help you ask better questions, create better plans, and achieve better results.

Comprehensive Project Readiness Assessment

The Total Crowd Solutions Comprehensive Project Readiness Assessment is a deep dive into what it takes for your project to be successful: the goals you intend to achieve, the resources you need to reach your goals, and the barriers you must overcome to achieve success. The Comprehensive Project Readiness Assessment consists of four interrelated parts:

  • Part One focuses on the state of your project’s purpose, design, implementation strategies, and your ability to evaluate results.
  • Part Two focuses on what you can do to develop support for your project.
  • Part Three focuses on the resource needs of the project: human, technical, financial.
  • Part Four focuses on your organizational capacities which are key to project success.

Project Roadmap e-Guide and Workbook

The Total Crowd Solutions Project Roadmap e-Guide and its DIY Workbook companion help you navigate the hazards and pitfalls of project development.

The Project e-Guide provides an easy to follow, customizable, step by step process for developing successful projects that provides a better project planning experience and takes the worry and stress out of an often-complex planning process. Our e-Guide seamlessly integrates the project development steps with an efficient process for crowdsourcing the people, tools, and money your project needs. The e-Guide is divided into 4 sections:

  • Start Your Project
  • Frame the Issue Correctly
  • Arrive at the Right Decision
  • Implement and Evaluate project success

At each Step in the e-Guide you will be presented with a set of questions about your project, social media prompts, productivity tool prompts, and ideas for links to crowdsourcing. Finally, each step includes templates and resources to help you plan your project and determine whether coaching and facilitation might be needed.

The Project e-Guide Workbook interacts with the e-Guide. Using the same format as the e-Guide, the Workbook helps you organize your project data and crowd resources following the questions and suggestions in the e-Guide. The workbook is designed to help you answer these fundamental questions as you proceed through the planning steps: Do you feel ready to proceed on your own? Are you ready for each step?; What resources do you need to assemble? The workbook is divided into four parts:

  • Readings – Direct references to the e-Guide with space for answers to the central questions for each step.
  • Checklists –To test your social media strengthens and weaknesses.
  • Worksheets –To organizes your thinking on crowdsourced resources.
  • Handout Templates –To help you and your team display your project concepts.

Project Coaching

Project development is complex. Between the planning frameworks and the ever-evolving world of social media and productivity tools, it can be challenging for small businesses, communities, and nonprofits to stay current. Our team of coaches is here to lend you some experience and expertise.

Total Crowd Solutions coaches will provide clients with professional assistance to improve their effectiveness and performance, and help to achieve the projects full potential. Coaching is viewed as developmental and designed to build capacity of the community, organizations, and businesses to develop and implement their projects successfully.

But it all starts with the Project Fast Check

We customize these services to best address your project's unique needs. This all begins with your Project Fast Check, which provides our coaches with an overview of your project.
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About Total Crowd Solutions

Total Crowd Solutions has been developed by a team of practitioners who specialize in rural and natural resource community and economic development. The Total Crowd Solutions Road Map is a NEW project planning tool that builds off tried and true project development steps and integrates time-saving resources which allow you to do more with less, and create a ready project plan with the people, knowledge and money your project needs. It secures these resources during plan development utilizing online crowd sourcing.

Our mission at Total Crowd Solutions is to create more resilient communities. Total Crowd Solutions levels the playing field and restores fairness in helping access the resources small towns, nonprofits, and businesses need to be successful.

Our Project Coaches

Mark Hews


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Mark is expert in helping community groups and business teams incubate, launch, and implement successful projects. With a background in agriculture economics and public administration, and a 35 years career working with small towns and businesses, Mark has perfected a method of project management and support that works. Mark is a trained facilitator, and has experience in designing and leading leadership programs locally and nationally.

Rick DeMark


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Rick is an accomplished professional project developer/manager, organizational consultant and facilitator. Rick’s expertise and passion is helping people convert their ideas into successful projects and helping groups organize to achieve their vision.

Gordon Liu


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Gordon Liu is co-founder of Two Thousand Hours (2kH), a nonprofit dedicated to addressing pressing social issues through national service. He is a three-term AmeriCorps Alum, having served in both urban Minnesota and rural Maine, and has also served as chapter leader for the Midcoast Maine chapter of AmeriCorps Alums and a Franklin Project Ambassador.